FWD Family Care

FWD Family Care, a breakthrough critical Illness insurance solution, providing complete protection for your entire family in only one product.

Different from the prevailing critical illness insurance products in the market, FWD Family Care is a fund for the whole family and covers costs for medical treatment should critical illness happen to any family members. Furthermore, FWD Family Care is also a saving fund for the whole family in the future.

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With advancements of modern medical treatment therapy, Critical illness can be diagnosed and cured at very early stage. FWD Family Care makes fund available at the right time should any family member is diagnosed of CI at early stage.

You are planning to have a new baby? FWD Family Care provides guaranteed protection for any of your children born in the future with no extra premium.

So…what does it do?
  • FWD Family Care sets out a fund worth 250% Sum Assured covering treatment costs for family in case of: 

    • Early stage Critical illness: 50% Sum Assured/claim
    • Critical illness:  100% Sum Assured/claim
    • Death benefit: from 50% Sum Assured to 100% Sum Assured

  • Should any family member is diagnosed of CI or death, FWD will cover the future premium of the basic plan so that the policy will continue in-force to cover for the whole family.

But wait, there's more
  • Health celebration benefit payable at age 65: 25% Sum Assured.
  • Maturity benefit: 225% Sum Assured (less any Protection benefit payable previously)
  • Accumulated bonuses during the whole policy term. 

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  • 1. Entry age:
    - Main Life Assured (Parents): 18 – 55 years old.
    - Additional Life Assured (Children): 0 – 22 years old.
  • 2. Premium term: 10 years or 15 years (until the older Main Life Assured attains age 65)
  • 3. Policy term: until the older Main Life Assured attains age 80.
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