FWD Cancer Care

Cancer is one of the popular critical illnesses in Vietnam. With advancements of modern medical treatment therapy, cancer can be diagnosed and cured at very early stage.

FWD Cancer Care - A backup financial plan for cancer treatment that helps people live to the fullest and be more proactive in goals conquering.

More information
  • Entry age: from 18 years to 50 years old.
  • Policy term / Premium term: 5 years. Payment mode: annually.
  • The premium remains unchanged during 5 years of the policy term. You only need to continue paying for the premium every year to keep your policy inforced.
So…what does it do?
    • 100% sum assured is payable upon diagnosis of cancer at any stages - first time in the market.
    • Premium starts from just a few hundred thousand VND per year.
    • Premium remains unchanged during 5 years of the policy term.

Reference premium

Sum assured: 300 mil VND


Premium (VND/year)

18 - 24
25 - 29
30 - 34
35 - 39
40 - 44
45 - 49

Above premium applied for female.

All features are subject to the Terms and Conditions. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions for details.

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