Basic product

FWD Lady First

A design-it-yourself protection plan dedicated to modern women, assisting you in taking care of your physical health, mental health, confidence, and preparing for your motherhood journey.

Available to buy via:

  • iFWD
  • FWD agents
  • Vietcombank

First in the market offering care for mental health and beauty of women


First in the market to cover for popular female illnesses


Financial support for top female critical illnesses and pregnancy complications up to 120% Sum Assured

Learn more about this plan

Learn more about this plan
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What we cover

What we’ll pay

What we cover

What we’ll pay

I. Basic benefits

Top 5 popular Female cancer (late-stage cancer):

  1. Cervix;
  2. Uterus;
  3. Ovaries;
  4. Breast;
  5. Colon.
100% of the sum assured

General depression

Psychiatric treatment (inpatient or outpatient)

Reimbursement the actual treatment costs

Up to 10% of the sum assured

Reconstructive surgery

  1. Facial reconstructive surgery due to accident;
  2. Skin grafting due to skin cancer or severe burns.

20% of the sum assured/scenario

Maximum 40% of the sum assured

II. Optional benefit 1 –Surgery for top 2 popular female illnesses
Uterine myoma
10% of the sum assured
Ovarian cyst
10% of the sum assured
III. Optional benefit 2 – Pregnancy complications
Top 5 popular complications:
  1. Miscarriage from 2nd trimesteri;
  2. Ectopic pregnancy with surgery;
  3. Postpartum hemorrhages;
  4. Disseminated intravascular coagulation;
  5. Hydatidiform mole.
20% of the sum assured

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