FWD Double assets - Investment linked product

When we are young, we put our minds to building financial foundation which paves the way for future achievements. We have faced and conquered many challenges getting there. When successfully achieving our goals, is it the right time for us to let those achievements protect us so that we can focus on our “intangible asset” - our family?

FWD Double Assets allows you to fully enjoy the benefits of a smart financial plan combining insurance and investment, which assists you to increase your wealth and turn your finance into a solid support.

fwd double assets
FWD Unit linked funds

FWD's 3 unit-linked funds are set up with a conservative to aggressive range of investment choices as options for you to choose from. Click here for details about the Fund.

Fund value is evaluated twice a week in order to:
• Quickly grasp market changes, optimizing investment opportunities
• Shorten waiting time for closing trading prices (additional investment, change in investment rate, swap funds, withdraw money) 
In particular, the equity portfolio is selected specifically by industry, making it easy for investors to update market changes.

FWD Double assets - investment funds

So…what does it do?
  • Sum Assured (SA) automatically increased by 15% every 3 years without increase in premium or further requirement for health underwriting, ensuring the value of protection to increase over time

  • 1st time in the market with sector-based equity fund

  • Flexibly design your own portfolio and easily adjust your investment plan online

  • Increase the policy value over time with the Loyalty Bonus and the Special Loyalty Bonus

Benefits illustration

FWD Double assets - benefit summary

1. Protection Benefits 
FWD Double Assets equips your family with financial support that helps your family maintain quality of life during difficult times when the life insured encounter Death or TPD (Total and Permanent Disability). 
Payment level: 

FWD Double assets - protection benefits

2. Investment Benefits  
Enjoy investment advantages from FWD Unit linked fund 
• Funds are selected to be streamlined, easy to understand, while still allowing customers to design flexibly according to their demand
• Easy investment with professional investors from SSI Assets Management (SSIAM)
• Investment plan is flexibly adjusted at any time online 

3. Additional Benefits 
i. Loyalty Bonus 
Every 3 years from Year 3 to Year 18, you will receive:

FWD Double assets - additional benefits 1

ii. Special Loyalty Bonus 
On the Valuation date right after the end of Year 20, you will receive:

FWD Double assets - additional benefits 2

iii. Automatically increased Sum assured without Health underwriting 
We understand that your protection need increases as you get older. Despite of the differences in health conditions, FWD Double Assets guarantees to increase your sum assured every 3 years without health underwriting and basic premium increasing:

FWD Double assets - additional benefits 3

iv. Non-lapse guarantee benefit during the first 3 policy years, if the basic premium is paid in full, on time and has never been withdrawn from the Insurance Account.

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