FWD Embracing changes 2.0 – Insurance & Investment solution

FWD Embracing changes 2.0 is designed to ensure financial stability for your family in all situations, even unexpected event like cancer, at the same time, provide you a safe investment solution with guaranteed interest rate.

Besides, FWD Embracing changes 2.0 helps you to be flexible and active against any financial needs with 24/7 E-Withdrawal. With just a few simple steps on your phone, you can withdraw money from your policy account anytime, anywhere.

fwd embracing changes 2.0
E-Withdrawal - First time in the market

FWD Embracing changes 2.0 gives you flexibility and control over all financial needs with 24/7 E-Withdrawal. With just a few simple steps on your phone, you can withdraw money from your insurance policy anytime, anywhere.Access to your insurance policy right with your smart devices anywhere and anytime. 

3 simple steps to make an e-withdrawal:

  • Step 1:  Access FWD Customer Portal
  • Step 2: Enter withdrawal amount and bank account
  • Step 3: Enter OTP code

Need-to-know information:

  • Entry age: from 30 days old to 70 years old.
  • Policy term: up to 80 years old.
  • Premium term: maximum until 80 years old.

Guideline of E-Withdrawal service
Video guideline of the application and usage

So…what does it do?
  • Meaningful living benefits against cancer

  • Income support for total and permanent disability

  • Safe and stable investment interest

  • 24/7 E-Withdrawal from insurance policy

Benefits illustration

benefit summary

Benefits illustration:
Mr. Nam, 30 years old, participates in FWD Embracing changes 2.0 to ensure family’s financial security, simultaneously implement savings plan for children and retirement plans for himself. To quickly increase Excess premium account value, he plans to top up VND 10.6 million/year.

benefit illustration

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