FWD Embracing changes – Insurance and Investment solution

FWD Embracing changes brings about both a stable financial growth and maximum protection. In addition, you can flexibly withdraw money and adjust the policy to suit your changing needs in daily life.

E-Withdrawal - First time in the market

Access to your insurance policy right with your smart devices anywhere and anytime.

Especially, you can make an E-Withdrawal request from the policy:

  • Anytime
  • Anywhere
  • With any smart device
  • Quick money transfer to your bank account

Guideline of E-Withdrawal service
Video guideline of the application and usage

So…what does it do?
  • Enjoy flexible investment with maximum and long term protection

    • Own a flexible investment account right in your insurance policy.
    • Get complete protection up to 99 years old and income support in case of total and permanent dismemberment.

  • Earn attractive interest with stable growth

    • Earn competitive interest from Universal life fund.
    • Ensured actual interest equal to or more than minimum interest committed by FWD.

  • E-Withdrawal from policy

    • Only with a few simple steps right with your smart devices, you can make an E-withdrawal request from the policy and have money quickly transferred to your bank account.

Benefits illustration

Mr. Sang, 35 years old, takes a policy of FWD Embracing changes with the Sum Assured of VND 2 billion, Target premium of VND 28.4 million/year and Premium term of 20 years.

To quickly increase Excess premium account value, he plans to top up VND 36 million/year during a 5-year period.

Protection benefits during the policy term:


fwd embracing changes

Investment benefits (Policy account value):

fwd embracing changes

All benefits are illustrated at the interest of 7%/year

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