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We know that you’re busy forging your unique path and taking in all that life offers, that’s why we put together a one-stop safety net. We’ve made it easy to take care of investments and protection for your future so you can keep working on living the life you’ve imagined. Flexi 3 in 1 is a smart, customisable option that combines everything you need.

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The premium supports the protection provided by this policy and also earns interest, which goes into your savings. Crediting rates are guaranteed to be not lower than 5% in the first five years, 4% in the next five years and 3% for the following years.

You have the flexibility to suspend paying the premium after two policy years, contribute extra, withdraw from your savings and adjust the amount of protection according to what you need.

So…what does it do?
  • Choose the level of life protection that suits your needs and know your family is secure

  • Earn guaranteed interest on investments credited straight to your policy

  • Contribute more depending on your financial situation to earn more interest

  • Count on your savings as a cushion when you need to withdraw funds

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The flexibility to suspend paying premium after two policy years

Adjust the amount of protection to fit your needs at any given moment in your life

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