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Life is about saying Yes to the opportunities coming your way. So live with no hesitation, because we are here to protect and ensure your journey ahead is not interrupted by any unexpected risk.

What additional protection are you looking for?

With a wide array of riders, covering varying needs from health, critical illness, accident to death & dismemberment, we help you build a plan that best suits not only your needs today but also your ambitions for the future.

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As you strive toward your life ambitions, be proactive in protecting your best asset – your health. Let us shoulder the costly medical expenses when you need it most, so you can focus on getting well and recover quickly.

Get ready to go full steam ahead with a complete back up plan against critical illnesses. Nothing holds you back when you have the best financial support to help you through the worst of times.

No matter what your style of adventure is —live daringly, we’re here to financially back you up in the face of unexpected accidents. So be brave and live your life fearlessly.

Embrace the possibilities that let you live life to the fullest, while our sets of riders protect your future plans against the risks of death and dismemberment.


How does it work?

Suitable riders can be attached to your plan to suit your needs and maximize your protection. Connect with us for detailed consultation.

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By having a solid financial plan, you have made a proactive step toward the exciting future. Take that one extra step to add the right supplementary riders to your basic plan can help you go a long way to maximize the protection for you and your loved ones. Interested in designing a comprehensive solution to suit your needs? Check out our suggestion below:

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  • Please refer to the Terms & Conditions and Policy of each rider for details.

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