FWD CARE Critical illness insurance

Life is a long journey filled with exhilarating excitements and unforeseen challenges. Get yourself well prepared with our protection plan and say "Yes!" fearlessly to all great opportunities ahead.

FWD CARE Critical illness insurance – A rider that provides financial support for several times in case of critical illnesses, even from the early stage. Be ready to break through every day in absolute confidence as you now have us cover your back and share your financial concerns.

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  • Entry age: from 30 days to 65 years old
  • Expiry age: 70 years old
So…what does it do?
  • Financial support, not once, but for several times in cases of critical illnesses

    • Benefits payable for up to 2 Early stage critical illnesses belonging to 2 different critical illness categories

    • Continue to pay benefit upon Critical illness

  • Additional protection benefit against cancer

    An additional payout of 20% Sum assured when cancer develops into the critical stage, allowing an optimal preparation for the long–term and costly treatment.

More information

  • Total benefit payable can be up to 150% Sum assured if the Life assured is not diagnosed with Major cancer.

  • Total benefit payable can be up to 170% Sum assured if the Life assured is diagnosed with Major cancer.

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