FWD CARE Health Insurance 2.0

Life is full of wonders that await you to discover. To live the endless fun ahead, no baggage is more important than your own health.

FWD CARE Health Insurance 2.0 – a medical reimbursement solution that helps healthcare become easier and more flexible. From now on, you can enjoy your colorful life journey with complete peace of mind.

More information
  • Entry age: from 30 days to 70 years old
  • Expiry age: 75 years old
So…what does it do?
  • Simple solution for complete peace of mind

    FWD CARE Health Insurance 2.0 eliminates complicated claim limits to provide a clearer and easier-to-understand health solution for customers’ complete peace of mind right from inception.

  • Flexible choices for preferred treatment services

    The simplicity of our health solution also empowers customers with flexibility to have an easier healthcare experience with the treatment services of their choice.

  • Maximum protection with minimum exclusions

    Minimizing exclusions, FWD CARE Health Insurance 2.0 enables customers to live life to the fullest with maximum protection.

Product benefits

FWD CARE Health Insurance 2.0 helps you cover actual medical expenses.

With 4 different plans, you can flexibly select one that meets your need.

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