FWD CARE Hospitalization support insurance

A life full of joy is what we all want to bring to our family. Let FWD keep you strong against any challenge so you can take good care of your loved ones throughout the journey of life.

FWD CARE Hospitalization support insurance – a solution that provides daily cash support upon hospitalization, ensuring financial stability of the family, letting you fully enjoy every moment with your beloveds.

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  • Entry age: from 30 days to 60 years old
  • Expiry age: 65 years old
Product benefits

  • (*) For the same day of hospitalization, FWD will pay either Daily Hospitalization benefit or Daily Hospitalization in the ICU benefit.

    (**) Surgery benefit can only be paid once even though the Life Assured goes through more than 1 surgery for the same injury or the same disease within 1 hospitalization, or multiple phases for the same surgery.

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