FWD Smart kid 2.0

From the day your child is born to the day they stand on their own feet, every step your child takes is an important one. As parents, you want all the best in the world for your child. You want them to be healthy, to explore the world without hesitation. You also want to be there to guide them every step of their way. And you’d love to provide for them financially to secure their future success.

At FWD, we’re ready to provide the financial assistance and more to achieve every one of those things, by building a comprehensive support plan for your child.

FWD Smart kid 2.0 combines insurance and savings in only 1 plan, protecting both parent and kid against several risks while guaranteeing financial fund for kid in the future.

FWD Smart kid 2.0
Additional information

Target customers: parents with kid(s)
Entry age: 
- Parents: 18 – 50 years old
- Kids: 0 – 21 years old 
Premium term: 10 – 18 years 
Policy term: Premium term + 3 years

So…what does it do?
  • Hospitalization support for kids in case of Hand-foot-mouth, Measles and Dengue

  • Financial support of 100% sum assured for kids upon diagnosis of any-stage cancer

  • Guaranteed education fund of 100% sum assured

  • Double guaranteed education fund in case of risks happening to parent

  • Protect parent against various risks up to 300% sum assured

Product summary

I. Summary
FWD Smart Kids 2.0 - benefit 1

II. Details
1. Protection benefits
1.1 Protection benefits for Kids
FWD Smart Kids 2.0 - benefit 2

1.2 Protection benefits for Parents
FWD Smart Kids 2.0 - benefit 3

2. Saving benefits
FWD Smart Kids 2.0 - benefit 4

3. Enhanced benefits
FWD Smart kid 2.0 - benefit 5

24/7 Kid Well-being Helpline – 1st time in the market for the whole parenting journey 
Not only providing the financial assistance with a comprehensive support plan, we are here to assist every single step of the parenting journey with our 24/7 Kid Well-being Helpline, available for customers of FWD Smart Kid 2.0 only.
FWD Smart kid 2.0 - benefit 6

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